Raghav Sahai

Raghav Sahai

Founder & CEO
Eutech Scientific Services, Inc.
P. 732-249-1600

Raghav Sahai has a doctoral degree in medicinal chemistry from Central Drug Research Institute in Lucknow, India. He is an author of several research papers in international science journals, and a  chapter in a book. Dr. Sahai has presented several invited talks in national and international scientific meetings.

Founded in November 1995: EuTech Scientific Services, Inc, Highland Park, NJ

  • Research and Method Development contracts based on CE, GC, HPLC, and mass spectrophotometric methods. Development of new tests and assays based on client specifications. Development of analytical procedures setting up of specification for medical and scientific devices. Partnership/collaboration with several companies in developing/bringing new and improved scientific products.
  • EuTech is an example of reverse outsourcing. They have projects coming to the US from companies in South America, Europe, and Asia, including India.

May 1989–October 1995:  Director, R&D, Diagnostic Specialties, Inc, Metuchen, NJ

  • Development of clinically significant quantitative immunoassays and protein chemistry-based assays. Scaling up to production level. Observing the GMP guidelines and set up the quality control program for developed assays. Organic synthesis of various molecules for chemical modification of oligonucleotides. Development of nonradioactive hybridization assays.

August 1987–April 1989: Research Associate, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

  • Error rate measurement of T7 DNA polymerase. Characterization of replicative properties of various T4 DNA polymerase mutants. Study of influence of various proteins of replication apparatus on T4 DNA polymerase mutants.

May 1985–July 1987: Research Fellow, Microbiology Department, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

  • Isolation of wild type influenza virus and sequencing of hemagglutinin gene to follow the antigenic variations within one host. Antigenic classification of swine influenza A virus mutants.

March 1983–April 1985: Postdoctoral Fellow, Waksman Institute, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

  • Chemistry of microbial metabolites containing amino sugars.

November 1980–February 1983:  Research Officer, Hoechst Pharmaceutical Limited, Bombay, India

  • Isolation and chemical characterization of various anticancer anthracyclic antibiotics containing amino sugars from streptomycetes.