Jim Berwick

Jim Berwick

Clarion Brands
C. 609-815-4923


Mr. Berwick is the Chief Financial Officer of Clarion Brands. Clarions Brands was formed in September 2014 to acquire and market healthcare brands primarily in the OTC channel of distribution. Clarion is unique, in that it utilizes a “virtual structure” whereby non-core activities including production, distribution, sales brokerage and the order to cash are outsourced to third party partners.

On October 1, Clarion Brands acquired six brands forming the nucleus of a portfolio that will serve as a platform for future growth; both organic and through add-on acquisitions. The brands; Lipo-Flavonoid, Certain Dri, Cystex, Absorbine Jr., Albolene, and Anti Monkey Butt possess many attractive characteristics including, being well-established with leading market shares in attractive, niche categories, strong customer relationships, and an attractive financial profile.

Prior to joining Clarion, Mr. Berwick was the Chief Financial Officer at Insight Pharmaceuticals. Jim joined Insight in March 2009. Insight owned and marketed over 30 consumer brands in the OTC space. Insight marketed such well-known brands as Monistat, e.p.t, Sucrets, Nix, and Anacin. From March 2009 to August 2014, using a “virtual model” similar to Clarion, as well as an aggressive acquisition strategy, Insight was successful in tripling sales and quadrupling profits. In 2013 Insight won the Philadelphia 100 Founders’ Award for the largest aggregate 3 years sales growth. In September 2014, Insight was sold to a publically traded Company for $750 million.

Jim’s background includes more than 30 years of accounting and operational experience in consumer products. Prior to Insight, Jim served as the CFO overseeing the turnaround of Confluence Water Sports, a portfolio company of American Capital and the leading manufacturer of kayaks and canoes. Previous to Confluence Water Sports, he held positions with Lenox and KPMG.