Life Sciences Collaborative Innovative Research Scholarship

Life Sciences Collaborative


The Life Science Collaborative (“LSC”) is pleased to be partnering with the University of the Sciences to fund the Life Sciences Collaborative Innovative Research Scholarship. USciences has been a tremendous collaborator with LSC, and therefore, this Scholarship is a great way for our community to give back by supporting a student conducting innovative life science-related research. Further details about the scholarship are below and located on the USciences website accessible at the below URL link.

Individual donations, as well as corporate matches, are welcomed.

We plan to invite the recipient of the 2017 scholarship to our 2018 conference so we can hear first-hand what impact the scholarship had for the student.

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Purpose of Scholarship: Provided by the Life Sciences Collaborative, this scholarship is intended to support a graduate student conducting innovative research at the University of the Sciences.

Eligibility: Any full‐time graduate student who is conducting innovative research at USciences. The criteria for selection will be based upon the innovation of the research and the student qualifications. Selection will require an application made by the student addressing how his/her research is likely to lead to a patent application and commercialization of an invention.

To be eligible, the full‐time graduate student must:
• have registered as a full‐time graduate student as of spring 2017; and
• have demonstrated a reasonable degree of progress in their research as determined by their graduate program director and departmental chair

The selection will be made by a committee organized by the Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education.